Sunday, January 18, 2015

Balmy Summer Days - Chickens Members

We have had a few cold summer days and it's back to sunshine.  And today we had a brand new bird visitor - the crested pigeon.  It's super cute! We have had a dozen of the usual spotted pigeons visiting and pigging on the bird seeds.  This one is on his/her own and I have not seen it feed. It just stayed around for a while but it's not very shy at all.

The rainbow lorikeets visited again.  We don't seem to get enough of them.  They are just so pretty to look at.  It's like living rainbows!
So we finally bought our three chooks.  Welcome Rubie (Rhode Island Red), Chessie (Leghorn X chequer) and Snowie (Leghorn White).  Guess who's the kids' favourite for now? It's Snowie!  She's extremely friendly and very easy-going.  She comes out of the coop first each morning and lets us pick her up without struggling.  My boys love patting her.  I just find it so amazing that every chicken has her own personality! And I am amazed at how gentle my children are towards these chickens.  It's a great decision getting these chooks.  We are definitely in love with them.  Hopefully Rubie and Chessie will warm up to us soon.
This is the choko plant which sprouted and planted at this little spot before I flew off end November 2014.  I was not sure if it will survive the cold but it certainly did.  By the time I came back, it was looking good and climbing up.  I think eventually it will sprawl over the wire fencing.  For now, I had to protect the vine from the feathered girls as it is in their large chicken area.
Selwyn (my little boy) loves picking tomatoes.  I thought he would love them.  He enjoys picking them and putting them into his mouth.  However, he soon decides to spit them out.  Perhaps it's the tomato skin that he's rejecting.  That does not stop him from trying to pick more and putting them into his mouth!
Today my little boy was very excited to see the chickens.  He was even dancing around the chicken coop.  This of course frightened the chickens hahaha! He could not wait to pat the chickens and was glad that Snowie is always so receptive and approachable.  Marco (our dog) was the first time that close to the chooks.  The chooks were oblivious and Marco was wagging his tail.  We had to supervise closely.  So far so good!
Oh my chilli plants....Chilli Fire.  Both plants really looked on the brim of death in winter and I did not hold up too much hope.  However, they looked great when I come back from holidays.  And they have flowered and fruited.  Awesome result under neglect!

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