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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Finally. My eggplant is a late bloomer. It is already autumn and it has put on a good number of eggplants after flowering heavily. There are a total of at least 7 eggplants growing though two of the largest had been plucked by my dog. How frustrating! Well, it's not like I am going to eat all the eggplants but the sight of having a plant loaded with growing eggplants is so wonderful. The worst thing is he did not even eat the eggplant, just simply plucked and chewed it all over the ground! I have been harvesting purple king beans, hot chilli and some chilli padis.
And this purple pak choy is looking irresistible. I took a picture of it before any caterpillars come and make holes in the leaves.
Harvested two bittermelons and loads of green chilli fire. These are the 3rd and 4th melons and there are two baby ones growing. Yay!!!!!!!!
The mother strawberry plant continually produces strawberries for me to's big two yummy ones.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Solitary Lazy Morning.

Yes as the title says...after sending my little one to full day kinder, I had a nice solitary walk with Marco around the neighbourhood..well not exactly solitary since Marco is with me...but he doesnt talk! Of course I love having hubby and little one with me! But sometimes it is nice to have a walk so leisurely...not rushing to anywhere...not having an agenda to finish...These whole week's weather has been very merciful...20 t0 30 deg that makes my work light...not much watering and no sick plants...things are pretty much under my control... My passionfruit panama gold is growing excellently at this spot...I have just pruned off the two leader shoots hoping lateral shoots will grow instead...The vine is growing taller and taller and I really wonder how I am going to train it...have to come up with a solution soon.
My carolina black rose grape vine from Daley's fruit is also doing fantastic at this spot. The eureka lemon tree however was not so fortunate. I dont think I would get any grapes this year but hopefully with a good pruning, I will next year.
These are the beans of (stringless pioneer) from Diggers Club. If not for the nets, I think the two plants would not have such nice leaves. Waiting to harvest beans!
Look at my Flemings' Brown turkey fig tree! Full of life! It looked really dead few months back...nearly got binned!
Hooray! Two of the cyclamens sort of died down and I wondered if they are coming back at all...the wonderful news is they are...little leaves and stalks are emerging from the ground meaning there are corms developed underground...Expecting beautiful blossoms out of the kitchen window in winter to come!
Yum...been harvesting a few sweet strawberries (strawberry delight) every alternate day....
Yippee! First ripened chilli padi!
My two new Purple king bean plants are doing well under the housing of netting! Away pesky butterflies and moths!!!
Samuel and I counted...7 cucumbers growing on the vines!
Two swelling bittermelons!
Two of the propagated strawberry delight plants are having flowers and fruits! So happy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cool weather change and some intermittent drizzle this morning. I did 2 hours of work. Applied large pots with sugarcane mulch, added water crystals to some pots which tend to dry up fast, applied more organic fertiliser to some pots and planted out my buk choys. Time to harvest the two ripened yellow capsicums for beef tonight : Purple king beans are growing on the vines :
Tomato (silvery fir) growing bigger and more by the day :
These are buk choys...normal ones from my shepherd and purple ones from Diggers :
I had some planted in Patch B (where snowpeas used to be), between the bitter melon on the left and cucumber (burpless) on the right :
They are each protected by this plastic punnet which I keep after eating supermarket vege/fruits :
A light plastic punnet will get a rock resting on it :
4 other buk choys are planted here in planters, making it a total of 8 :
The cucumber (burpless) are producing baby cucumbers but I suspect the female flowers attached to the ends of them are not even opened yet. Must continue to observe :
The vines are a pretty sight at the moment and I managed to protect them under a piece of white cloth pegged on the trellis :
Lots of male flowers :
The eggplant supreme has two large purple (my son said violet) flowers opened. Very pretty! :
It started to really pour from noon onwards and last through the evening. I love the rain!!! My son said if I kept saying that, it was going to flood.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Summer...What's Happening in the Garden?

It's my second summer doing gardening. I welcomed some good rainfall on Tuesday and it is showering a little again today. Samuel and I found a ladybird on one of the chilli padi plants. I am not sure if that is the one I rescued from Coles supermarket few weeks back. It could well be. It seems comfortable on the plant and then I realised that there were actually aphids on the underside of some leaves. Good fellow..hope you have a great feast and get rid of them!
All my five calendula plants are doing great, flowering. Also some withered flowers have already produced seeds.
The two common mint cuttings took off fantastic and are growing fatter each day.
One nasturtium seedling emerged.
One strawberry delight runner growing into a new strawberry plant after I buried it in a small pot of mix. This way, I can keep having new plants without having to buy them. More runners developing from the mother plant.
A baby cucumber emerged from the vine. Several male flowers also have bloomed. I am trying to expose the two cucumber vines to buzzing bees for pollination as they are quite obscured by the pots and netting.
Another capsicum ripening to a bright orange. The smaller ones are ripening first. The two larger capsicums will get to grow larger before ripening. Cannot wait to snap a picture of that happening soon! Meanwhile more capsicum flowers are developing.
My purple king bean plants are also producing flowers.
And a baby purple king bean too!
Strawberry delight...yum...I harvested them before the earwigs did.
All three tomato silvery fir plants are doing great and putting on fruits. I had to prune off a lot of leaves to allow better air circulation.
I hammered a nail on top of the fence and used a string to secure the trellis for the bitter melon and cucumber (burpless). In summer during heatwaves, the wind can be extremely strong.
Also mulched the cucumber vines and bitter melon vine with sugar cane mulch.
Between the bitter melon and cucumber vines, I am preparing the soil for my buk choy and silver beet. Not a lot of space but I will try to squeeze in space for some leafy vege.
Buk choy seedlings waiting to be transplanted.
Purple buk choy seedlings.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Catching Caterpillars. Planting Cucumber.

Hot scorching week! Busy watering in the evening and at times in the morning. Several of the plants wilt in the heat including vietnamese mint, annabel daisy, thyme, rosemary, bay... I decided to plant the three gorgeous cucumber burpless seedlings in Patch B (where the existing snow peas are). If they survive, I will put a trellis up.
These three rosemary plantlets are growing but looking paler than normal. I have propagated several rosemary plants and ended up not knowing what to do with them. ;P
This bigger plantlet (or tiny shrub) was grown from a single sprig. I am feeling quite proud of myself hehe...The other one is doing well at the patch next to the garage. Trimming rosemary is important to keep it bushy and stout. That makes it a pretty shrub.
The curry plant and 'mother' rosemary have been root trimmed and put back into their pots to control their growth, so that I need not use larger pots.
A few snow pea pods are swelling as their seeds is one which is shrivelled and almost ready for collection.
Argh....many plants in my garden are under caterpillar attack, including my tomato beef steak. It seems the same culprit as they are all wrapped up in young leaves and they kind of spin a web.
Strawberries developing steadily in the pot. I need to sugarcane mulch the two strawberry plants on the ground.
Three purple king bean plants doing fantastic since the weather warmed up...they are picking up very fast on their growth and already twining up the supports.
My kaffir lime's young leaves look like that...looks like iron deficiency. How on earth did it take me so long to realise that there is a deficiency?
This is one deficient-looking leaf of the calamondin comquot. It is the young leaves that are looking a bit patchy yellow (mottled if that is the word). The tree is putting on many new fruits and I had better deal with any deficiency before they start dropping off or have poor development. Citrus are indeed hungry feeders as many books and programmes say.
I have potted on this Nellie Kelly hot chilli plant finally after months of neglect. Fed it seasol and hope it be revived. I do see small shoots growing along the branches.
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541