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Friday, July 30, 2010

Winter Can be Beautiful...

Here's two pictures I have taken of glorious daffodils blooming in Mansfield near Mt Buller. They are probably King Alfred daffodils. These are by far the most beautiful ones I have seen. The ones I have in my garden are Little Mist and are smaller. (see to see more pics of daffodils) Daffodils just take my breath away. Recently I taught my son William Wordsworth's poem on Daffodils. I told him I had learnt that poem when I was a teenager and even though I had never seen one before until I live here in Australia, the poem just illustrated how beautiful they must be and daffodils just got etched in my memory since then : Winter. It feels cold and gloomy much of the time. And windy too. But when we look around really carefully, we will notice that winter can be beautiful. Bare trees can look really pretty without their leaves. I thought it's artistic too! And winter is the time of recuperation, rejuvenation and quiet growth. Without winter, there wont be spring and flowering. Winter feels just like the 7th day when God rested after all the creating. And when I looked at my garden, there are the gorgeous flowers blooming in the midst of winter. How wonderful! A gorgeous perfect calendula flower with dew on its petals. I have no word to describe the beautiful blue on these marguerite daisies. They are small and many but the close-up shot of them is really pretty. When I used this picture as my desktop picture, even my husband who is not exactly a keen gardener commented that they looked gorgeous!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! First Gladioli Opens!

Yippee! My Christma present from the garden...the first gladioli has opened! Very pretty flower! Here's a picture of the patch taken from the road. This patch next to the garage was tough work but amazingly the plants are doing fantastic after a hard time establishing themselves.
The gladioli close-up with the matching orangy-yellow calendulas behind.
Here's the Annabel dwarf marguerite daisy shrub and two blue marguerites, oregano and rosemary.
I hope gladioli flowers will last long for admiring.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patch Next to Garage...Spring's Ending.

This patch next to the garage has been a challenging one and I have spent intermittent periods of time working on it. So far so good. Results are slowly getting better. The plants went through a period of establishing themselves in the poor clay soil, looking not too good and then now looking much better. There is still space for more work and more plants. Colour theme here is a mixture of yellow, white, pink, orange and blue (if everything flowers at the same time). View from the back. Daffodils (dying down), Diosma Sunset red, Lilium La Hybrid, oregano, rosemary, blue maguerite, annabel daisy are all mulched with composted pinebark (ornamental mulch).
View from the front. The whole patch is surrounded by strings looking like a boxing ring because my dog would trot on it and even nip off my plants. The two candy tuft plants (front right with tiny white flowers) have bounced back and doing well. :)
This rosemary which I have propagated from the original pot looked really bad some time back but it is now doing well especially with the addition of mulch. I did find one caterpillar wrapped up among its leaves. The same caterpillar which I have been finding among many plants in my garden recently.
Oregano too is doing wonderfully on this soil and has been growing. Also found one or two caterpillars here but all is well besides that.
The two Lilium LA Hybrid plants are doing well and have put on some flower buds. The third one was nipped off by my doggy and will not flower.
I planted one calendula seedling here just to see if it will survive the soil here. As last two days were scorching, it withered in the heat. However, with constant watering and application of Seasol, it is doing fine and will bounce back in the evening. If this one does well, I will probably plant a few more seedlings into this soil.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Calendula Germinates & Patch Next to Garage

My calendula seeds have germinated in their pot. I had to shift the pot away from its spot as my Carolina Black Rose grape vine has arrived from Daley's Nursery!!! Yippee!!! I bought a pack of Gladioli bulbs last week with the plan of planting them at the patch next to garage. Their tall blooms will create contrast with my daffodils and white lily :
I have prepared the soil (compost and lime and rooster manure) and planted them 15cm apart and 10cm deep. As mentioned previously, the soil here is clayey and lumpy, so it is very important to loosen as much soil as possible or the root system will find it hard to establish.
Mulched area is where the 5 gladioli bulbs are planted.
The lone annabel daisy is doing fine after I plucked off some of its yellowing older leaves. It has since opened more flowers.
The two bushes of blue marguerite are doing the best at the patch despite its not so ideal soil.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Patch Next to Garage

Before I left for holidays, I worked on this patch, planting herbs and flowers here with the intention of turning this originally pebble-filled patch with a few straggly succulents and weeds infestation into a display of flowers and herbs of various kinds, colours and heights. This is the look after I returned : The daffodil which greeted me just on the day I left had withered, replaced by another which greeted me on the day I returned :
The sunset red diosma is growing well and flowering more. I am expecting to see it grow up to 1.2 width by 1.2 height. Diosma is a common hedge grown here in Melbourne. It has aromatic leaves and gorgous display of tiny flowers that can cover the whole bush :
One of the large rosemary plantlet which I have propagated from the mother rosemary plant. The soil at this patch is actually clayey (but I still find lots earthworms) but I hope this rosemary can thrive here with the availability of sun. If it does, this rosemary will be contrasting with the other low bushes since it has the potential to grow quite tall :
The oregano which I planted here from its original pot seems to be growing better and happier. This herb is low-lying and tend to spread out. I intended that it acts as a groundcover as seen in the botanical gardens. See
Two Blue Marguerite (Felicia amelloides) with blue daisy-like flowers are also planted. These are small evergreen bushes which are low-lying. The blue flowers will contrast with the yellow flowers of the daffodils :
I also planted one dwarf marguerite daisy 'Annabel' (argyranthemum frutescens) which can grow to 1m width and 0.7m height and produces white flowers. Some of the older leaves look a little yellow :
Candy tuft (iberis sampervirens) is a mat-forming perenial groundcover. I planted two right in front of the patch since it is low-lying. One of the candy tuft died leaving a little left to survive while the other candy tuft is not doing to well. If still not thriving I will replace them with a bulb plant :
It will take a long while before I see the fruits of this patch. For now, I will be faithful to pull up weeds that find their way onto this patch.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Work at New House

Before I fly off again after moving into my new place, there are lots of work to do. One of it is pruning my pittosporum golden sheens, watering and fertilising it since it is spring. This is how they look like after my job, a few of them are shorter than the rest as I did not bother to measure using a string. :P
Although I have sown some tomato seeds recently but I do not have the feeling that they will work out. Feelings can be very true at times. Sometimes when my gut tells me that it wont work, it really wont, and sometimes when my gut tells me that it will, it will. Anyway, that made me buy a pot of beef steak tomato from Kmart and planted it into the new vege patch 1.
I spent a bomb at Kmart buying pots of flowers for the patch in front of the garage : Diosma Sunset Red, Candy Tuft, Annabel dwarf marguerite daisy, Blue Marguerite.
I planted them into the patch in front of the garage, plus one pot of rosemary which I have propagated and a pot of oregano which I hope will become some sort of edible groundcover. Thyme is another candidate which I am still considering about. It will take time and care before the patch be transformed into a nice flower and herb area. The front portion has yellow daffodils and I intend to plant King Alfred daffodils to another portion so that there is contrast in heights of all the flowers and herbs :
The three 'uprooted' snow pea plants (below) have been planted into Patch 2 of my new backyard.
Hope they survive the transplanting shock :
I also bought three pots of strawberry. Pretty leaves.
Had two planted into Patch 3 :
And the third one into a pot :
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541