Friday, June 11, 2010

Cold Winter...Deciduous Trees Out of Our Rooms.

French lavender flowering outside my window.
New peach tree outside my bedroom window.
See that bare patch on the ground? That was where the oleander used to be. Since it was gotten rid of, the patch stays bare. I am not sure if I can plant a persimmon tree in its place. I need to probably dig that area to see how the soil feels like.
The view out of my son's bedroom. The plum tree lays bare against the cloudy afternoon sky. Near the fence, you can see one big clump of lemongrass, in fact, three clumps, growing well. Next to the lemongrass are the snow pea vines protected by plastic tree shields.
My brown turkey fig #1 has also gone bare. I am contemplating seriously to shorten the tall thin trunk by cutting it off.
There are already new buds on the two branches.
More daffodils are sprouting from the potting mix from last year's pot.
Just an updated picture of my oriental radish doing really well at Patch A. I have recently sowed another three seeds but they have not germinated at all, probably due to the cold.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Lemon Eureka.

I planted about 20 daffodil bulbs under the mulching around the plum tree. Hoping to see beautiful yellow blooms out of Samuel's room in spring/summer 2011.
We bought a new Lemon Eureka from Dandenong Market. I hope it will take off.
Here's the peach tree from my friend Andy. I planted it right outside our bedroom window. I look forward to seeing glorious pink flowers out of my room in spring!
The last harvest of sweet potatoes. How wonderful!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Pictures.

Here are some pictures which I have got from gardening books. I just find these pictures awesome. They give me great ideas about growing fruit trees in pots. I hope one day my garden will be the beauty in the neighbourhood! This is a picture of a herb garden. Imagine a garden full of aromatic herbs, both edible and pleasing to the eyes and nose. This pot of nasturtiums is so spectacular, trailing down the height of the pot.
I always love the sight of a citrus tree in a terracotta pot, so pretty and so edible!
This terracotta pot of daffodils and hyacinth takes my breath away!
A grape vine growing in a pot and bearing bunches of irresistible is that?
Another citrus in a terracotta pot. Gorgeous!
Another grape vine in a pot with herbs spilling over.

My Poor Grape Vine!

My third? fourth? harvest of sweet potatoes. I was almost to tears when I found out my dog, Marco, has 'chopped' off my grape vine (carolina black rose)! It was growing so well! I was angry with my dog for a whole day! I hope by trimming off the rough ends, it will survive and resprout. It was an extremely 'hard prune'. Fellow blogger Scarecrow and another gardener on the forum gave me some hope that it could survive. I have since fenced it with chicken wire and mulched it with bark chips.
The pot of daffodils which did not flower last season finally resprouted! I left the whole pot in the garage, covered with a plastic bag eversince the leaves died down completely. A few mornings ago, I took the pot out and yippee! A daffodil shoot...looks like the complete dying down really regenerated new bulbs as books stated.
I bought and planted some daffodil bulbs under the plum tree (right outside Samuel's bedroom). The ground has turned soft enough to dig eversince we mulched the plum tree canopy heavily.
This tuft of iris was given in a pot by Fina, a life group friend. I have planted it in front of the blue and white daisies at the patch next to the garage.
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541