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Friday, July 31, 2009

One More Month of Winter...How's Are Some of My Potted Ones?

Guess what? I really took a break from my garden this week since giving them charlie carp and seasol last week. Did not bother to open up the covers for my oriental radishes or buk choy. Did not bother to even inspect my plants. It was a rather nice feeling to take a break and let go sometimes. And there is a reward - they are all doing fine! No pests, no night looters. Well, everybody out there in the backyard is doing fine. The only exceptions are those on the frontyard -my lavendar bee pretty is fully infested with green aphids and my nasturtiums which have flowered so much but blown down by the strong winds as if it has a bad hair day. The planted daffodil bulbs have sprouted in the pot. Yippee! At least I can bring this pot to my new house at the end of the month.
Kaffir lime and a small pot of mint are doing fine surrounded by the plastic protection.
Chilli padis growing quite well though very slow. It should take off once spring arrives.
Puzzling to see the tips of aloe vera turning brown but new pups are emerging from the potting mix.
The vietnamese mint/laksa plant is growing from glory to glory...surprisingly able to take the cold winter without any will look very pretty on my patio (minus the water feeder haha)
Plants are really very affected by strong winds. A week ago, things look bad...My common mint in this large pot is flourishing! Harvest is round the corner.
This pot which almost died in the strong winds and minor aphid attack is back strong and healthy.
After being trimmed because of aphids attack, the lemon verbena is putting on new shoots. Hope the irritating aphids will not return!!! I am not going to bring a aphid-infested plant to my new house. Have to closely supervise and treat it first.
Same goes for this curry plant.
Spring onions sown from seeds still look rather skinny.
Spring onions from bulbs...fat and growing well...this is going to be the 5th or 6th harvest.
Mosquito plant growing well despite ants making its potting mix their home. I am thinking of planting it into the ground at the new house.
This pot should win the championship! Thyme...ever so gorgeous and growing so fine.
Not so the rosemary babies...growing fine but still struggling with powdery mildew. How am I going to stop this powerful powder?!
The mother rosemary has been dumped to one corner of the garden where it can get some sunshine and rain and cold. I am just leaving it to the hands of nature to treat the powdery mildew.
The snow pea seedlings are growing great. Good to invest in mildew-resistant breeds...can grow them in plastic covers without worry of mildew.
My calamondin/calamasi...the prettiest and largest fruit on the mini tree.
My neighbour Jenny came over with a bunch of gorgeous-smelling Daphne flowers. Really strong heavenly perfume.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Strong Winds and Some Rain.

Tuesday. It has been very windy today and will be tomorrow as forecasted. 45km/h. My taller plants such as the calamondin, kaffir lime and cayenne pepper in pots were swaying under the mercy of the wind. I have erected plastic sheets around them to ease the stress. Hopefully this will help preventing any casualty. I had all the pots against the tall wooden fence a while back where they can get sunshine but it proves to be a bad windbreak area.
Calamondin protected by two layers of plastic sheets.
Kaffir lime and a small pot of mint surrounded by a sheet of plastic.
Vietnamese mint covered by a large towel with a plastic sheet on top.
Newly potted apricot Moorpark and fig brown turkey taking shelther in the garage against strong winds, rain and possible possum visits.
Would love to have more rain as water collected from the previous round has been almost used up. However, I do not welcome the wind at all. Gardening over here is rather challenging...up against droughts, heat waves, strong winds and cold weathers. And possums too. Seriously looking forward to moving to my new place. At least I dont expect to see many possums there.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So Much Work!

Work at new house : Vege patch D : Work with cow manure and lime. Planted and mulched 3 pots of cyclamens. Hope they will grow well in this shady spot.
Rake up fallen plum leaves.
Place leaves in make-shift netting in backyard to let them turn into leaf mould.
Succulent plants flowering beautifully.
Lavender growing new leaves.
Work completed for patch next to garage. Hope not to see weeds!
Work in rental house : Calamondins not doing well. Fruits attacked by aphids. Treated with pyrethrum.
Lemon verbena growing lots of new shoots after last trimming.
Cayenne Pepper under netting since finding out they were attacked at night.
Curry plant growing more shoots in the new house after trimming off lots of aphid-infested shoots.
Buk choy planted from pot to vege patch.
Treated oregano root ball with pyrethrum as it seems it is attacked by gnats.Repotted the oregano and wonder if it will survive the treatment.
Re-potted the aloe vera into a shallow wider planter. New pups emerging. Delicate...broke one.
Potted the Pixee dwarf peach with aged manure and premium potting mix.
Peach tree is losing all its leaves. (below)
Rake up to make leaf mould.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on Cayenne Pepper, Calamondin, Kaffir Lime, thyme, rosemary and Curry Plant.

My boy has gone to kinder to this morning and the sunshine was out in the garden. I spent an hour inspecting my plants. A few of the older lower leaves of the kaffir lime is turning yellow as per above. I am puzzled why, not being sure if it is iron deficiency (as I do not know how to assess that) or if it is its reaction to the cold weather setting in. I read that iron deficiency shows first in young leaves and the veins remain green though the rest of the leaves yellow. But these leaves are older leaves. Moreover, I did feed the plant citrus fertilizer before and after potting on. Lime-induced chlorosis happens commonly in citrus. Even though there may be iron in the potting mix, it may be locked up by an excess of other elements (Antagonism). I needed to research more so that I will not lose this plant.
This is a young leaf of the calamondin plant and it does look a little like what's called iron deficiency - green vein, yellowing young leaves. I have bought a bottle of iron sulphate but has been hesitant to use till the customer service of Richgro replies me on whether is it a natural mineral or chemically synthesized. Peter Bennett's book talks about using alum to rectify the iron deficiency but gosh, I wonder where I can get that from.
The new chillies of the cayenne pepper seem to be shrivelling and dropping instead of developing. I wonder if it is the cold or if it is iron again. The whole plant does look a little lighter green compared to before. I think something seems lacking especially with putting on so many chillies recently!
The young leaves of the cayenne pepper yellowing and falling.
Some of the older leaves of the thyme are yellowing too but I have a feeling it is due to the cold.
It is happening to some leaves of the rosemary as well. More research to be done.
My curry plant has been pruned this morning. I read that curry plants do not take continuous rain well and can grow moldy or get pests due to the wetness. I remove as much leaves as I could to allow air flow between the stems.
The center of the plant is not congested now. I also placed the pot in the mini greenhouse so that it wont get rain this afternoon.
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541