Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preliminary Work for a New Lawn

Sunday was a sunny day. We sprayed the lawn with Roundup. I wished I did not have use that and I hope the earthworms in the soil would not be affected as I had read that they would not. I had wanted to spray with a pine-derived organic herbicide called Bio-weed but they come in 15L drums, too much for this project.
This little stretch in front of our garage nex to the car porch will be worked on as soon as we can lay our hands on it. I dislike these bushes and they are getting unsightly with all the little plantlets they are producing.
I managed to divide up all the iries and have them in these pots. I intend to see how pretty they are and what shade of purple they are. Then from there I will assess their final planting spot in my garden.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Update.

I inspected my worm farm today. The lowest tray was certainly ready to harvest. Good that no many worms are living there. Those few that are are probably anti-social hehe... I harvested 1.75 buckets of compost ready to fertilise the vege patches.
I planted some bulbs of Siberia Oriental lilies where my calla lilies, daisies and rose shrub are. All except the rose are white which is what i want...same colour theme. These lilies are summer bulbs so I shall have some flowers in summer too.

The vege patch F is doing great though the vege are growing at snail pace due to the cold.
This jonquil below was not what I wanted. I had bought what I thought was daffodil bulbs from Dandenong Market but they did not turn out to be. So angry with the fellow who put a picture of a large yellow daffodil and told me they were daffodils.
The plum flowers are blooming. Looking forward to sweet plums in summer.
Snow peas are finally flowering. The winds have been really strong these few days. Hope that they wont be damaged.
This daffodil has bloomed under the plum tree out of Samuel's room. Not what I really wanted too. I thought the picture showed a yellow one? Now that I have thrown the packaging out, I cannot find out. At least it is a daffodil. Every morning, Samuel and I would peer out of his window to check if a new daffodil has opened...so far two!
Daffodil little mist! That's the yellow one below. I am having at least 8 in total and they are from last years' bulbs. Last year I had only two bloom but this year is good! Next year I hope even better. Getting greedy haha...
Pak Choy Purple and Pak Choy Green are coming to the end of their lifespan. They have flowered and I hope to collect some seeds. Amazingly, the flowers are very fragrant.
Samuel and I placed our noses so close to smell the flowers that we get yellow powdery pollen on top of our lips. :)
My beautiful candy tuft has flowered! First time! I lost one candy tuft on the left but at least this one on the right is staying alive. I may buy another pot to replace the dead one because two's better than one!
So pretty!

Spring is Almost Here.

Last night, our little family went to Bunnings to get some roundup and stuff as we are planning to poison our weeds and grass to make way for a brand new lawn which is to die for. I also came across a flowering plant with such gorgeous blue flowers. It was so irresistible that hubby gave me the go ahead to buy two pots. Even he liked them. See the two brightest blue pot of flowers? They are the senetti. I have not decided where to plant them yet. Seems tempting to plant next to the blue daisies.
Out of our main door, the pittosporum golden sheens are growing well. I am looking forward to cutting their 'hair' in spring because I am looking forward to seeing them bush up.
Out of my bedroom window this morning, I snapped a nice picture of my french lavender as the sun rises over my neighbour's roof. How wonderful to wake up to this picture right out of your window.
And just as planned, the peach tree out of my bedroom window is flowering pink! Unfortunately and yet predictably, we have few blossoms this year due to pruning before and after planting. It's okay, next year will come!

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Ugly Sight...Dreaming of a New Lawn...And Some Encouragement.

Every time I passed by a beautiful well-manicured lawn, I would be filled with envy and parked on the path dreaming. My front and back lawns are far from perfect, they are an eyesore. Bald areas with weeds of various kinds growing despite my husband's spraying weedkiller. And worse, the spraying killed the existing grass and produced the bald brown patches. I am working on doing a new lawn but am very doubtful it can be done this season. Is it really worth the money? How much is it going to cost? Can we really do it on our own? Many questions to be answered.
The back lawn - with bald patches and my pots. Dead area where traffic is high and low sun exposure causing bald slimy patch.
Front lawn also with bald patches and various weeds.
Side of Front lawn with more bald patches, uneven ground and weeds.
Well, at least there is some comfort out in the windy rainy morning. Some of my snow pea vines are flowering.
A good number of tulips have shooted from the ground near where the conifers and side gate are.
The straight green leaves near the green strings are the daffodils planted in 09. I have counted about 7 flower heads. Last spring, I only had 2 flowers. So encouraging to see more this year. And so encouraging to see that I may not be very far away from having my dream garden (see http://organic-is-better.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-dream-private-garden.html )
Well, the arum lily is considered a weed here (at least the white ones) but I reckon they are very beautiful. I have a handful harvested and put in a vase. Such a pretty sight!
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541