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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Work.

Strawberries in the pot are growing well. One seems to be ripening but it is a little small. I mulched the two strawberry plants that are on the ground. I use sugarcane mulch as according to the staff at Bunnings, it is excellent in reflecting the sun's light and it returns carbon to the soil.
Out of the three strawberry plants I have, one has not produced flowers until yesterday. And suddenly flowers are popping out of that last plant :
My traps of oil and water was good in catching earwigs (pests). However, there are many more under pots and I had to manually remove the pots from their positions to reveal loads of earwigs scurrying away. Last night, I found an earwig trying to gnaw on one strawberry and another parked on a strawberry leaf!
The three slow growing chilli padis have put on more growth. Yippee! Hope to harvest chilli padis soon!
This morning, I trimmed much of the two smaller pots of common mint.
The large pot which I have trimmed is putting on new growth.
However, I have found lots of caterpillar poop.
Searching got me two fat caterpillars.
This pot of bay has many leaves now. I am going to wait till the leaves mature more before pruning the plant.
Same goes for this pot.
Tomato silvery fir #1 at frontyard is growing fantastic after transplanting.
Tomato silvery fir #2 is also doing great.
This rose shrub which I have spared when I pulled up the rest are producing tiny pink flowers...not too pretty by me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Time for Flowers at our New House!

Actually today is my Hubby's birthday but haiz...we had to be out at the new house doing work as we could not reach a common date with the tradesmen and pittosporum supplier. Here's the tag from our Pittosporum Golden Sheen : Some daffodils have sprouted at the patch next to the garage :

This tiny stretch of fence will not have any Pittosporum Golden Sheen. It has some arum lily bush growing. We had relocated some arum lily from another part as it interfered with pittosporum planting (the one on the left was a relocation. Hope it survives replanting) :
Another clump. The middle one was original where else those two on its left and right are relocations :
I have let this rose shrub go haha...I have uprooted all other rose shrubs except this lucky one. I have pruned its long branches this morning without much knowledge. See if it will produce some beautiful blooms for me :
This is the plum blossoms from our plum tree. It is white instead of pink and smells mild :
My immediate neighbour has a camelia which is flowering. I really dont mind admiring hers because I have pulled up mine to make way for fruit trees :
A neighbour further away has a Magnolia tree. Beautiful tree with beautiful blossoms for ornamental purposes. I am not going to have one since it has only lovely flowers and is very expensive, so I will be content with admiring that nearby tree this time every year.
I sought the tradesman's help with identifying this succulent plant. He mentioned it was a Jade plant and this plant is grown for good luck and prosperity. Whatever, it is pretty and have lovely flowers and I will keep them where they are. I have three growing at the side of the house :

I cut a bunch of lavendars from the bush. Did that before pruning the bush :

The bush is growing well :
That's the same bush after pruning :
Another bush after pruning :
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