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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lilium LA Hybrid and Onions

Cool and windy day. I prepared the patch where I am going to plant more lemongrass as well as planted one rosemary shrub into the ground. The second Lilium LA hybrid flower has opened. It is gorgeous compared to the first one because it is a single flower. See for the first Lilium LA Hybrid.
I pulled up the onions which were dying down and revealed four shallot-looking onions. I think I can eat them as shallots in my cooking. See on how they originally looked like.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 Hours' Work

My work for 2 hours this morning : Potted the largest pot of common mint which I grew from two cuttings. Potted up the citronella (mosquito plant) Divided up the lemon grass into three pots. Fed seasol to those transplanted. Fed Charlie Carp to curry plant, capsicum plants, lavendar, buk choy, bay, hot chilli. Fertilised the orange and lemon trees. Removed weeds surrounding the lemon and orange trees.
The potted on common mint.
The original two cuttings which I propagated.
Two of the chilli padi seeds given by my shepherd have germinated. Not exactly a good time to germinate seeds at this time of the year due to lack of warmth and sunshine. I do hope they can make it and grow. I was able to harvest more purple king beans today and had them for lunch. Crunchy and sweet and turned green when boiled. The capsicum is my first harvest off the capsicum plant on the vege patch. I have a feeling it is a yellow capsicum as there is no sign of any redness. Four more coming!
I cleared the potato plant from the large pot and wow! Digging the potting mix out gave me a surprise of a few egg sized potatoes. This is also first time growing potatoes and I started out too late in the season. I suppose I can do better the next round but potatoes are really cheap! Perhaps just to grow them for fun!
I am propagating some ivy in a pot.
The two citronella cuttings in potting mix.
The divided lemon grass.
The oriental radishes have been thinned out to just one per lot.
More capsicums from the vege patch.
The onion bulbs. I think daffodil bulbs grow this time too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Neighbouring Onion Has Sprouted.

Fine sunny weather today. Went to the library with my son and did reading up. Got a parking fine because I was two mins late. :( Anyway, I did a little gardening work today. I used Mancozeb Plus Garden Fungicide on two pots of mints which were having powdery mildew here and there since the day I potted them. Even with pinching off affected leaves, it did not help very much so I resorted to fungicide to salvage the mints. As I was inspecting the plants, I was happy to announce that the 'neighbour' has finally sprouted too...I mean the left onion. :) I also finally got down to making a cage for my buk choy which were always attacked by egg-laying white cabbage butterflies. I cut down the leaves today and fed them to my earthworms. I am pretty sure it will deter the butterflies now unless they are going to bomb my buk choy mid-air with their eggs! The cage is made of galvanised wire and is rust-proof. Here's how the cage looks like :
I just read a book about the importance of standing large pots on bricks or any support you can find. This helps with proper draining of excess water during watering :

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Possums' Visit

Warm morning. 7.00 am. I went out and sat on the steps of the back door, enjoying the company of Smokey and Marco, and watching the sky slowly brighten up and the sun rising. There were also warm breezes and birds chirping. This kind of autumn weather is memorable. I doubt I can do that when winter comes. I do not anticipate its arrival. One thing is lacking - a table and chair and a cup of hot coffee! All the sown oriental radishes have emerged with the first set of leaves. But I would have to wait for the true set of leaves to grow before thinning them out. One of the two spring onion bulbs is growing. 'Hello neighbour, are you sprouting too?' The pot next to this has a peach and nectarine seed buried in it as per my previous entry : Unfortunately, what's left are two holes this morning. That was when I realised that possums have been visiting my yard. The dogs cant be digging such nice holes with their paws just to get fruit stones!
The second purple king pod has grown. I am taking lots pictures because it grows very rapidly.
Glad to find two more pods hidden away under the leaves.
Okay the dogs cant have done this. Smokey eats whole ripe tomatoes even if he jumps onto the patch. The verdict : possums have been gnawing on these unripe fruits. I began to realise that the plastic bags I found on the grass each morning was not the work of my dear Marco, but the possums, which have been picking my peaches. 'Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.' Matthew 6:26 of the Bible. The birds and possums and my dog have been sharing the peaches and they do not need to work hard for them. See how true the verse is?
My dear capsicum at the vege patch, how am I going to protect you from the paws of the possums? I mean, I would love to eat at least one home-grown capsicum.
The capsicum in the pot is a bit slower than those two at the vege patch in flowering and fruiting but they are steadily reaching there. I am proud to announce three flowers and lots more! This capsicum is a true hero because it was dug up from the vege patch and potted (, but it did well under my tender loving care. :) I have to keep fertilising it to give it enough nutrients to fruit well.
My potted on lemongrass are not showing any signs of transplanting shock so far and they have even shown taller growth.
Thyme is also showing healthy new growth. Recently snipped off some for my beef pasta. Fresh home-grown herbs...yum yum!
The aloe vera which was potted on and then re-potted few days ( after that. In this new pot, it seems happier and has not shown any stress.
My cayenne pepper has put on so many chillies I cannot even least 15? This is one of the groups of chillies I have taken. Today my shepherd has given me some seeds of chilli padis. I have sown them in premium potting mix + composted cow manure + a tiny handful of seedling fertiliser. Hope to see some germination soon. Yippee!!!
Another project in progress : dog poo for compost! I have been gathering the dogs' poo in recycled potting mix (30L type) bags and dog food (15kg) bags. I will have to let the poo decompose on its own at one far corner of the garden. It is a slow process without worms but there are the fungi and bacteria at slow work. Rather than throwing them into garbage bins, the dog poo can be reused when completely composted/aged. It is quite safe to use this as long as the dogs are in good health, not eating rubbish and not on deworming tablets. Anyway by the time the poo is completely composted, it will be safe to use as mulching or organic fertiliser.
7.00 Autumn morning.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peaches for Harvesting.

We had a wonderful day of fine cosy weather today. Samuel and I just came back from just sitting outdoors...bathing in the warm evening sun. Even he told me "Yes Mummy, it is a wonderful day!" I did not have much to do today except put out the pots from the mini green house into the sun and mulched my capsicum plants at the vege patch with cow manure and watering it in. That was about it. Spend most time just admiring the plants and their beauty. A few of the peaches came off easily from their stalks and I guess they are almost ready. They smell fragrant.
My naughty doggy cannot resist the peaches and has been plundering some. 'No! No'
Mine of the onion bulbs is finally showing shoots! It is a long wait! I think it takes much shorter time to do that in tropical weather.
The dwarf orange tree is fruiting...these are about lime sizes. Given it citrus fertiliser few days earlier.
The calamasi plant. Hope to see more fruiting soon.
A proper look at my newly acquired kaffir lime plant.
A beautiful cayenne pepper chilli in the midst of changing colour.
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541