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Monday, January 11, 2010

Windy and 43 Deg Celsius.

As the blog title says, windy and 43 deg celsius. Thank God for weather forecasts, I have done all the necessary preparations (putting up shades, watering, weeding...) before today. Besides all the light colour tablecloths, white cloths, I even borrowed hubby's white shirts! This morning I woke up not having the anxiety of a charred garden but leisurely did whatever little things I needed to do. Prayerfully, no casualty when evening arrives.
Back garden.
Front patio and front garden.
Sweet potato creepers taking over the mulching around the golden sheens.
New candidate in the garden. I decided to plant Diggers' Pioneer bean stringless (above pic) in this empty pot of mix (where my daisies used to be). A black pot over them to create a dark environment and moist potting mix saw them germinating just in four days!
Under the netting and shade, my buk choy (purple) and buk choy (regular green) are growing well. One silver beet among them as well and the bitter melon vine on the trellis.
Two more silver beets growing next to the lemon grass and under the shelther of the grevillea tree.
Once again a picture of the four peaches on my peach (pixzee). Just cannot stop snapping a picture of them. Beautiful considering it is its first season!
One eggplant supreme out in sight!!!
Nellie Kelly's hot chillies growing larger and more coming!
One bunch of tomato silvery fir ripening! Very exciting as this year, I managed to get the tomatoes to grow larger and it is really successful considering this one is potted.
I picked this first ripened and large-sized tomato two days ago in case it gets too scorched by the sun.
Also picked a large bowl of common mint yesterday morning. Time for some mint tea and omelette.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tender Loving Care is Important.

A gardener must pay close attention to her plants. And I love spending time just doing that - lots of attention...lots of tender loving care. When this is done, I can make sure I prevent lots of bad things from happening. Close observation of a cluster of strawberry delight flowers (even though the pot is netted) shows that some caterpillar activity. The flowers and buds were kind of white-webbed together and upon peeling them open, two caterpillars were found. After squashing them, I had to remove some buds and flowers as they were already damaged by them :
I have since propagated five pots of strawberry delight plants :
My second try at planting Thai basil from nursery purchase is not looking so good. Leaf edges turning brown. I wonder why :
Worrying about the cucumber pollination was unduly indeed. Actually bumble bees do visit the flowers. How wonderful! I have at least five developing cucumbers and they are growing fast :
My yellow capsicum (officially calling it yellow after the green ones ripened to yellow recently) plant is making more flowers and fruits after some of their lower older leaves fell off :
I had to remove some little fruits and lower suckers as I did not want so many fruits. I want larger fewer fruits :
Chilli Padi plants are growing taller and flowering more but still having blotchy spots on their leaves :
Harvested some mint for omelette from the recently propagated mint :
Harvested three calamondin comquat limes and purple king beans :
Passionfruit Panama Gold is putting on new young shoots well here. Good thing I dug it up and potted it :
This is the spot I am going to plant it. Now working on it :

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Summer...What's Happening in the Garden?

It's my second summer doing gardening. I welcomed some good rainfall on Tuesday and it is showering a little again today. Samuel and I found a ladybird on one of the chilli padi plants. I am not sure if that is the one I rescued from Coles supermarket few weeks back. It could well be. It seems comfortable on the plant and then I realised that there were actually aphids on the underside of some leaves. Good fellow..hope you have a great feast and get rid of them!
All my five calendula plants are doing great, flowering. Also some withered flowers have already produced seeds.
The two common mint cuttings took off fantastic and are growing fatter each day.
One nasturtium seedling emerged.
One strawberry delight runner growing into a new strawberry plant after I buried it in a small pot of mix. This way, I can keep having new plants without having to buy them. More runners developing from the mother plant.
A baby cucumber emerged from the vine. Several male flowers also have bloomed. I am trying to expose the two cucumber vines to buzzing bees for pollination as they are quite obscured by the pots and netting.
Another capsicum ripening to a bright orange. The smaller ones are ripening first. The two larger capsicums will get to grow larger before ripening. Cannot wait to snap a picture of that happening soon! Meanwhile more capsicum flowers are developing.
My purple king bean plants are also producing flowers.
And a baby purple king bean too!
Strawberry delight...yum...I harvested them before the earwigs did.
All three tomato silvery fir plants are doing great and putting on fruits. I had to prune off a lot of leaves to allow better air circulation.
I hammered a nail on top of the fence and used a string to secure the trellis for the bitter melon and cucumber (burpless). In summer during heatwaves, the wind can be extremely strong.
Also mulched the cucumber vines and bitter melon vine with sugar cane mulch.
Between the bitter melon and cucumber vines, I am preparing the soil for my buk choy and silver beet. Not a lot of space but I will try to squeeze in space for some leafy vege.
Buk choy seedlings waiting to be transplanted.
Purple buk choy seedlings.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Chilli Padi Flower Buds...Tomato Silvery Fir Fruiting...

My three chilli padis are having a growth spurt! I think they will soon overcrowd this pot.
One of them is having flower buds already! Yippee! Chilli padis!!!
One of the capsicums on the plant seems to be ripening. If it does, it will be my first time seeing it ripen as last season, it fruited too late and could not ripen in autumn-winter temperatures.
My strawberry delight has developed a runner. Hmmm....what should I do with it? I have to check with the nursery. I am means more strawberry plants!
I trimmed down the large pot of mint as the infestations with tiny caterpillars seem out of control. Will net it after feeding charlie carp.
The lucerne seedlings are everywhere on this patch F. I have decided to plant them and use them as either mulch or fertiliser for my garden.
I cleared Patch B of the snow peas...into my compost bin...and the matured pods for seeds.
Irritating weed sprouting up everywhere among the golden sheens.
My tomato silvery fir in the pot.
Tomato silvery fir #1 on the front garden. Got to erect protection over it soon or I will lose the fruits to Marco my dog!
Tomato silvery fir #2 on the front garden.
Here's two tiny silvery fir tomatoes! Looks like once the flowers go, I should see fruits...which is not like that for my tomato beef steak...I am beginning to wonder if I have a sterile plant!!!
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541