Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back from Tasmania

Back from Tasmania! Glorious time I had! I came home to a little bit of nightmare - my purple king bean plant has mysteriously disappeared from its ground without a trace! See here before it was gone. No roots no leaves no beans left, except its stake still standing on its spot. I wonder if possums have done the deed. My spinach and rocket did not take off. Neither did the new snow pea seeds I have sown. Two small pots of vietnamese mints are dying and the oregano and lemon grass are not looking very well. However, things were not as bad as I had imagined. I managed to harvest some stuff - large bunch of thyme, some sprigs of rosemary, chillies and spring onions. What a pleasant surprise I got from my pot of nasturtiums! It has grown so much and so well and are flowering. In Tassie, I have seen beautiful nasturtiums at various locations and was wondering to myself how mine were doing. It was great coming back to a pleasant greeting from them.
My lavender bee pretty is well too. Just on the day I left, I sprayed the potting mix with pyrethrum+white oil mix because I spotted so many ants. Was a little worried about the lavender but came back to a blessing of bushy green growth!
This little small pot of mint is growing so prettily that I can resist admiring it. I cannot even remember how it looked like before I went for my holiday.
My most worried candidates turned out to be doing exceptionally well! The common mints and vietnamese mints all did fine.
My potted capsicum has four developing fruits when I returned.
One of the two at the vege patch has three developing fruits.
The other is have two developing fruits. Wow...three small capsicum plants produce enough for the family for months!
The mint (given by a friend and grown from a bare stem) is doing fine at the vege patch except that I discovered lots of bug?eggs? on the young shoots. All these were cut off and soaked in boiling water to kill them.
Similar things happened to my calamondin shoots and curry plant shoots.
The leaves of my oriental radishes were eaten down to the main stems by some creatures/bugs even though they are under net protection. Under the leaves, I can see the radish growing, still tiny.
The leaves of the oriental radishes

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Preparing To Go Holiday!

I was looking forward for a good holiday in Tasmania but certainly had concerns over some of my plants, especially the vietnamese mints and common mints. I learnt that they are not cold-hardy. So I cut some stems to stand in water while I was away for two weeks, at least I would have some rooted to grow in case those in the garden die. I also made a topless cloche around my pots of capsicum, lemon verbena, curry plant, chilli padi seedlings and vietnamese mint. This should keep them out from too much cold at night and at the same time, they still can access sunshine.
For this large pot of vietnamese mint, I build a topless cloche around the pot with plastic and stakes.
For some mysterious reasons, my snow pea seedlings have been chopped down overnight. No snow peas for now.
I potted on the small pot of common mint and did the same cloche around it.
My other pot of common mint somehow has developed purplish tinge around some leaves. It is puzzling to have this problem before I leave. I sent this pot to my neighbour so that she can monitor its progress.
Okay. Let go and not think about my garden for two weeks! Hope for no casualty.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cayenne Pepper Grand Harvest.

Weather has been cloudy for days with short hours of sunshine. Today we had a fine drizzle. I am preparing to leave for our holidays and had to make sure the whole garden is settled. My neighbours Jenny and Janet have kindly agreed to help me water the plants and look after my garden babies while we go away. I know they will be in good hands as Jenny and Janet manage a one-hectare garden. I harvested 30 over green and fat chillies from my cayenne pepper after waiting and waiting for them to ripen. I think they are not ripening very much, probably due to the cold temperature or lack of sunshine. I did a jar of pickled green chillies and am going to give the rest away.
Also harvested two capsicums (left from the potted capsicum plant and right from the capsicum plant at the vege patch). They too are not ripening but I still can cook them. And a few purple king beans.
I think my main worry is my lawn at the new property. The mossy patches and bare patches are quite a concern. They just show the lawn is not very healthy. Also, despite weeding the lawn thoroughly, I spotted more tiny weeds sprouting up within a short few days. I really wonder how I can control the weeds. I wish I can get a landscapist to re-do the whole lawn!!! That is a wish but I doubt I can, bearing the fact that I am already spending a bomb getting the pittosporum hedges done! I have sown lawn seeds but it seems a bad time of the year to do so. Anyway, just going to enjoy my holiday!!!!!!!!!
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541