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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Pictures.

Here are some pictures which I have got from gardening books. I just find these pictures awesome. They give me great ideas about growing fruit trees in pots. I hope one day my garden will be the beauty in the neighbourhood! This is a picture of a herb garden. Imagine a garden full of aromatic herbs, both edible and pleasing to the eyes and nose. This pot of nasturtiums is so spectacular, trailing down the height of the pot.
I always love the sight of a citrus tree in a terracotta pot, so pretty and so edible!
This terracotta pot of daffodils and hyacinth takes my breath away!
A grape vine growing in a pot and bearing bunches of irresistible is that?
Another citrus in a terracotta pot. Gorgeous!
Another grape vine in a pot with herbs spilling over.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Summer...What's Happening in the Garden?

It's my second summer doing gardening. I welcomed some good rainfall on Tuesday and it is showering a little again today. Samuel and I found a ladybird on one of the chilli padi plants. I am not sure if that is the one I rescued from Coles supermarket few weeks back. It could well be. It seems comfortable on the plant and then I realised that there were actually aphids on the underside of some leaves. Good fellow..hope you have a great feast and get rid of them!
All my five calendula plants are doing great, flowering. Also some withered flowers have already produced seeds.
The two common mint cuttings took off fantastic and are growing fatter each day.
One nasturtium seedling emerged.
One strawberry delight runner growing into a new strawberry plant after I buried it in a small pot of mix. This way, I can keep having new plants without having to buy them. More runners developing from the mother plant.
A baby cucumber emerged from the vine. Several male flowers also have bloomed. I am trying to expose the two cucumber vines to buzzing bees for pollination as they are quite obscured by the pots and netting.
Another capsicum ripening to a bright orange. The smaller ones are ripening first. The two larger capsicums will get to grow larger before ripening. Cannot wait to snap a picture of that happening soon! Meanwhile more capsicum flowers are developing.
My purple king bean plants are also producing flowers.
And a baby purple king bean too!
Strawberry delight...yum...I harvested them before the earwigs did.
All three tomato silvery fir plants are doing great and putting on fruits. I had to prune off a lot of leaves to allow better air circulation.
I hammered a nail on top of the fence and used a string to secure the trellis for the bitter melon and cucumber (burpless). In summer during heatwaves, the wind can be extremely strong.
Also mulched the cucumber vines and bitter melon vine with sugar cane mulch.
Between the bitter melon and cucumber vines, I am preparing the soil for my buk choy and silver beet. Not a lot of space but I will try to squeeze in space for some leafy vege.
Buk choy seedlings waiting to be transplanted.
Purple buk choy seedlings.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Flowers Galore!!!

This is a close-up of my snow pea flower. The 'veins' on the petals reminds me of fingerprints, wonderful creation : Once the flower withers, the pea grows :
My mosquito plant is flowering! I could have seen its flowers much earlier if some of the branches did not break in that strong winter wind :
This flower here is so far not identified yet. I suspect it to be some canna lily. Very orchid-like :
2.5 weeks ago, the lavender were still in leaves. 2.5 weeks have passed and I came back to glorious blooms. Even the bees are visiting these blooms. We watched in safety behind our living room window : The three cyclamens have grown a lot compared to when I just bought them :
The pot of gorgeous nasturtiums continues to grow and bloom which is really eye-catching :
The pot it is in is only 20cm but the nasturtiums have long since spilled over and toppled that I had to put the whole pot into a 30cm one for support.
The sunflower (Sun king) have sprouted in two clusters. Strange that the other two clusters did not :

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Progress in the Garden.

Pot of pretty nasturtiums still flowering. Makes a really pretty entrance statement every time I come home. Lavender bee pretty is also making flowers after the aphids were gotten rid of by intensive pyrethrum treatment. Fortunately my lavender leaves were not burnt by the sprays.
Wise for me to leave the rosemarys out in the open where it got sun, rain and wind. The powdery mildew is well under control.
Daffodils at vege patch will be abandoned by me at the end of the month when I move.
Chilli padis growing well and took a long time to reach this stage.
Oriental radishes growing steadily and too will be abandoned at the end of this month.
Pixee peach is producing flower buds.
Kaffir lime is finally producing new leaves. Purple ones??
Potted capsicum producing new leaves too. Spring, come soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daffodils Pushing Out of Soil.

Morning weather is good and I did some work in the garden before loads of chores in the house when the forecast afternoon rain comes. Four of the many daffodil bulbs have pushed through the soil at the vege patch. :)
I trimmed all the spent flowers and yellowing leaves of the nasturtiums, added fertiliser and some new potting mix to the top of the existing potting mix. The three pots (lavender bee pretty, nasturtiums, common mint) are bathing in the morning sun on the frontyard. I read that good air circulation and morning sunshine help prevent powdery mildew (which my common mint and rosemary are very susceptible to).
Yesterday, I trimmed off three large bunches of common mint from this pot (below). The bunches were all growing out of the pot and down to the ground.
I put the three pots of propagated rosemary (below) out in the open garden last night. It could be a better idea to do this than to have them under the garage shelther where they kept developing powdery mildew.
Left : Latest pot of propagated rosemary. Middle and Right : Propagated rosemary growing well but treated with fungicide (hence whitish appearance) because powdery mildew developed on their leaves.
The original pot of rosemary seems to respond well to fungicide treatment and now looks healthier than some weeks ago, putting new green shoots.
The three snow pea seedlings which I repotted on 9 July are doing well so far. They look unfazed from the repotting and root-chopping. Hope they will continue to grow well and produce crops of snow peas. :)
For the several snow pea seedlings at the vege patch, I found and bought plastic guard sleeves and used them for protection. So far so good. Several nights have gone by and they are still there, not chopped or stolen by some mysterious visitor.
The 'love birds' are coming regularly now :) thanks to my bird seeds. So pleased to see them coming for the food.
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541