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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady's Fingers, Eggplant Florianda, Yardlong Beans

I captured a picture of my ocra (lady's fingers) flowers. This plant belongs to the hibiscus family.
Wow...I thought I was having a small eggplant but when I checked today, it was a truckload! At least 10 and I am not kidding. The thing is this plant is really quite dwarf and I wonder where the fruits going to go being so low to the ground already. Perhaps harvest when still young. I am going to do my best to preserve this beautiful eggplant before winter comes. If I can keep my capsicum for 3 years and over-winter my chillies successfully, I am sure I can do so for my eggplant. ;)
My yardlong bean or long bean...I did not expect it to be so so dwarf! It is flowering. Only this plant is so far doing better than the rest. Kind of giving up hope of eating long beans.
Pretty lilac bean flowers.
My poor lilies. They are so fragrant and so pretty but their petals are all smeared with pollens due to the rain.
I captured a few pictures of bees visiting my pumpkin flowers. So cute seeing them covered with pollen when they fly out of the flower.
Tomatoes silvery fir are ripening unevenly. A bunch can have both ripe and unripe tomatoes. How on earth can I have vine ripened tomatoes? It seems impossible as I have to harvest any ripe ones before they become rotten in the rain or burnt by the sun.
Yippee! Another basket of kang kong (water spinach). I am truly excited! This is the second batch from the same plants!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update of All Sorts...

It has been another busy week. There were a few chores I had to finish for the garden - providing support for the climbing carolina black rose grape vine, weeding, netting the remaining unprovided peaches (from feathery looters), preparing ground for a new passion fruit vine, staking bean plants, pruning tomato plants, fertilising, decorating for Christmas....on and on...looks like it is not a few chores after all! Well we are still enjoying the brand new lawn and will continue to do so. Here I snapped Samuel and Marco having fun together. They were so cute!
The dietes. Arent they gorgeous? They are very common natives planted in multiple clumps for mass display. From far, they look like fluttering white butterflies because you can hardly see the green slender stems holding the flowers up.
Rather orchid-like.
I have successfully propagated a few aoeniums (wonder if the spelling is right or not) before pulling up the mother plant which look ugly. I have not decided what to do with the new plants yet.
The brown turkey fig tree right out of my dining window looks very healthy and it is having figs!!!
Here's the two pomegranate flowers. I am not diehard to eat any pomegranate from this tree which was left behind by the previous owner. It is a young handsome pomegranate tree. I just bought 3 large pomegranates for $5 and that's cheap! They are from USA. I realise these fruits are rather troublesome to eat though I heard they are very nutritious.
All my three sweet corns are flowering. Male or female I dont know. Having corns' more important haha...
My two-year-old gladioli are flowering again!!! So pretty while blooming but not so when they start to die down!
Yummy heart-shaped strawberry due to cojoining work!
And I love strawberry flowers! So delicate, so dainty, so sweet, so pretty!!!
Almost all my tomato silvery fir plants (7 in all) are flowering and fruiting. Yum Yum...
The kang kong's growing well in the new vege patch. So are the potato plants. And burdock too (hidden by potato).
Chilli fire plant fruiting crazily. I am going to harvest a big number of green chillies for pickles!
3 more beans yardlong have germinated at the site where the snow peas used to be.
I happen to take a picture of these two calendula seedlings exploding out of their seed hulls. Very nice.
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541