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Friday, December 18, 2009

Stir-fry Black Pepper Beef (Recipe)

Still about yesterday. Son was using the computer while I had a look out of my front garden. The rain was a cool refreshing change. The patch where there is a rose shrub and dying-down calla lilies...that still requires further work. I plan to plant hydrangeas or kangeroo paws and some other flowers. It is too boring at this moment. However, hubby wants me to take my time as I am burning up my budget every month! The pittosporum golden sheens are doing well but I wish they would grow bushier faster and taller! The sweet potato creepers among the sheens are doing great :
The two white nettings are where my other two tomato silvery firs are planted. Doing great. In the foreground are my sanorita and vietnamese mint in pots.
Two conifers flank the small gate. My eureka lemon in that square patch.
The yellow capsicums harvested and spanish (red) onions ready for my beef stir-fry.
Two slices of blade beef steak sliced into thin pieces.
Onions and capsicum fried in ready-to-use black pepper sauce (which I bought). Add beef. Fry till cooked. No need to add water.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pittosporum Golden Sheens are Up!

It rained almost the whole day yesterday. I had hoped it would not today as work was scheduled at our new house. Samuel was also having a bad cold for a few days, nose running like a tap and I could not find any childminding for him while Paul and I were going to be on site. Thankfully, the weather today was gorgeous! Sunny and clear and best of all, the soil was soft to work on. And another thanksgiving point was that Samuel recovered from his bad cold almost suddenly after a nap yesterday afternoon. No more running out of tissue paper at home! The first thing the tradesmen did was to dig holes for the two conifers to be planted at both sides of the small gate. It used to be rose shrubs. These two conifers are not cheap, costly us $70 a pot : Samuel was well enough but we decided to enclose him in the car as he would probably create some minor havoc in the garden and interfered with the work. He bothered us a little but was able to spend some time 'camping' in the car and doing 'handstands' and 'somersaults' from backseat to boot :
Our 24 pots of Pittosporum Golden Sheen have arrived. One of the pots looked a little run-down but well, I shall see how it grows :
One of the tradesmen started his work pruning my flowering plum tree :
He has pruned off quite a fair bit :
Here's the final look. May not get much plums this year but pruning was necessary :
The Golden Sheens were spaced out. 24 pots, just enough! :
This is after the plants have been planted in and given some black gold which is a type of garden compost with pig manure :
Now the tradesman work on the camelia stump and removed the concrete ring. This space will have a new tree which I have not decided what it would be :
And work went on to dig a trench around the oleander stump. Wow it was seriously massive and they mentioned they had to return with some grinder/machine to dig it out. It was too much using manual strength. And I have to clear all the sawdust produced before any possible future planting can be done because oleander is poisonous :
"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature...the challenge of Science is to find it." - Paracelcus, the father of Pharmcology, 1493 - 1541